Emi Ikkanda, Executive Editor

Emi Ikkanda, Executive Editor at Tiny Reparations Books

Emi Ikkanda is an Executive Editor acquiring nonfiction and select fiction projects at Tiny Reparations Books, Dutton, and Plume at Penguin Random House. She previously worked at Seal Press at Hachette, Spiegel & Grau at Random House, and Henry Holt at Macmillan. She publishes a diverse list of award-winning, bestselling, and culturally relevant books. Over the years she…

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Lydia Yadi, Senior Editor

Lydia Yadi

Lydia has spent the last six years at Penguin Business, formerly Portfolio UK, working with top academics, journalists, and entrepreneurs in London. In that time, she has published six Sunday Times bestsellers and published American authors like Cal Newport, John Doerr, and Marie Forleo in the UK. At Portfolio, she’s excited to commission practical books on success,…

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Nina Rodríguez-Marty, Associate Editor

Nina Rodríguez-Marty (she/her/hers) acquires prescriptive and idea-driven nonfiction that inspire readers to do and be better, in categories such as wellness, self-help, personal development, psychology, and health. She is also interested in books that offer new approaches to old problems. Nina’s forthcoming list includes titles by L’Oréal executive Stephanie Kramer, technology entrepreneur Allen Gannett, and…

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Charlotte Peters, Editorial Assistant

Charlotte Peters joined Dutton in May 2022 as an editorial assistant. She has previously worked in TV production and held internships at HarperCollins and AuthorPods. Charlotte graduated with a degree in English from UCLA and a masters in Romantic and Victorian Literature from the University of St Andrews. Her reading taste is eclectic, but she…

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Megan Wenerstrom, Editorial Assistant

Megan Wenerstrom Portrait

Megan Wenerstrom joined Portfolio in May 2022, after five years as a high school English teacher. She is interested in politics, history, education policy, and compelling investigations into the worlds of business, finance, and technology.

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Lisset Lanza, Editorial Assistant

Lisset Lanza joined Dutton in April 2022 as an editorial assistant. She previously reported on local news and politics and her published magazine work is focused on health and lifestyle content. Lisset hopes to acquire voice-driven literary and commercial fiction with a focus on cultural critique and family dynamics. She’s interested in themes of mysticism,…

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Veronica Velasco, Editorial Assistant

Veronica Velasco

Veronica Velasco joined Portfolio in September 2021. She is repeatedly drawn towards nonfiction that aims to help us better connect with each other, professionally and personally, through idea-driven books and compelling narratives. With a particular interest in journalism, politics, psychology, sociology, feminism, and self-help, she is eager to seek out books with stories that aim…

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Ashley Sutton, Director of Marketing

Ashley Sutton

Since joining Riverhead, Ashley Sutton has had the privilege of leading the marketing team and building campaigns for bestselling authors including Brit Bennett, Paula Hawkins, Daniel Pink, and Miranda Cowley-Heller, among others. 

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Ashley Garland, Publicity Director

Ashley Garland

Ashley Garland has worked on dozens of national media campaigns for award-winning and New York Times bestselling Riverhead authors including James McBride, Daniel Pink, Anne Lamott, Bryan Washington, Michele Harper, and Randall Munroe. 

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