Daphne Ming Durham, Executive Editor

Daphne Durham Penguin.com Head Shot

Daphne Ming Durham joined Putnam in 2023, and acquires dark, genre-blurring fiction with sharp edges and strong female protagonists. She loves voice-driven, gorgeous, plotty books that readers devour in one sitting, but come away having learned something – stories that upend familiar tropes and push boundaries in horror, fantasy, crime, thriller, and suspense. Daphne was…

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Ella Kurki, Editorial Assistant

Ella Kurki (she/her) joined Dutton in February 2023, assisting John Parsley and Pilar Garcia-Brown. Previously, she worked at Penguin Michael Joseph in London. Ella holds a BA in English from King’s College London and received her master’s in Issues in Modern Culture from University College London. Her reading taste eludes definition, and she will fall…

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Isabelle Alexander, Editorial Assistant

Isabelle Alexander (she/her/hers) joined Penguin Life in January 2023 assisting Meg Leder. She graduated with an International Relations B.A. from Tufts University. After working as an administrative assistant at a healthcare facility, she transitioned to the world of publishing and enjoys nonfiction books from diverse voices that interrogate the established systems of the world and…

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Sabrey Manning, Editorial Assistant

Sabrey Manning Portrait

Sabrey joined Portfolio in April 2023. Captivated by those who challenge the status quo, Sabrey is drawn to unconventional success stories, pioneering business and societal models, and disruptive ideas that spark transformative movements. She is fueled by a mission to publish works by change agents who share profound insights into their journeys to success in business,…

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Leila Sandlin, Editorial Assistant

Leila Sandlin Portrait

Leila joined Portfolio in April 2023. She’s interested in nonfiction for curious people, ranging anywhere from social psychology to environmental policy. To her, nothing is more gripping than a brilliantly constructed argument shedding light on the underpinning and overlooked facets of culture and society.

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Jane Glaser, Editorial Assistant

Jane Glaser joined Pamela Dorman Books in 2023, after beginning her career at Diversion Books. She is a graduate of the Columbia Publishing Course and holds a BA in English, summa cum laude, from Cornell University.

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Megan Wenerstrom, Editorial Assistant

Megan Wenerstrom

Megan Wenerstrom joined Sentinel in May 2022, after five years as a high school English teacher. She is interested in politics, history, education policy, and compelling investigations into the worlds of business, finance, and technology.

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Emi Ikkanda, Executive Editor

Emi Ikkanda, Executive Editor at Tiny Reparations Books

Emi Ikkanda is an Executive Editor acquiring nonfiction and select fiction projects at Tiny Reparations Books, Dutton, and Plume at Penguin Random House. She previously worked at Seal Press at Hachette, Spiegel & Grau at Random House, and Henry Holt at Macmillan. She publishes a diverse list of award-winning, bestselling, and culturally relevant books. Over the years she…

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Lydia Yadi, Senior Editor

Lydia Yadi Portrait

Lydia joined Portfolio UK in 2016 and made the leap to Portfolio US in 2022. She loves publishing energizing ideas for ambitious professionals by coaches, academics, and entrepreneurs with unique voices. She’s interested in fresh takes on entrepreneurship, careers, female empowerment, psychology, big ideas, and self-help. In London, she published six Sunday Times bestsellers. Her…

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Nina Rodríguez-Marty, Associate Editor

Nina Rodríguez-Marty (she/her/hers) acquires prescriptive and idea-driven nonfiction that inspires readers to do and be better, in categories such as wellness, self-help, personal development, psychology, relationships, and health. Her list includes forthcoming titles by narcissism expert Ramani Durvasula, neuroscientist and dream specialist Dr. Rahul Jandial, leadership coach Amina AlTai, eating disorder therapist Jayne Mattingly, physician…

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