Farin Schlussel, Director of Marketing

Farin updated Headshot

Farin Schlussel is the Director of Marketing for both Avery Books and TarcherPerigee. She has been with Avery since she began her publishing career in 2012. As the Director of Marketing, Farin executes and oversees bespoke campaigns using the most current marketing platforms and data to get books in front of the readers who need them. 

Farin has spearheaded the campaigns for the New York Times and national bestsellers Atomic Habits by James Clear, Good Energy by Dr. Casey Means The Myth of Normal by Dr. Gabor Maté, The Book of Joy by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Neurotribes by Steve Silberman, and the breakout TikTok sensation Burn After Writing by Sharon Jones, among others. She has also worked on multiple projects with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, Adeena Sussman, Jeanine Donofrio, Rabbi Steve Leder, Bishop Michael Curry, Dr. Lisa Mosconi, Dr. Judson Brewer, Dr. Dale Bredesen, and Dr. Terry Wahls. When she is not cheerleading the latest Avery and TarcherPerigee titles, you can find her snuggling with her rescue dog, Penny, or seeing theatre.