Marian Lizzi, Editor-in-Chief, VP

As Editor-in-Chief of the TarcherPerigee imprint, I’m lucky to be immersed in a rich, long-lived list that empowers readers to improve their lives and find their way, spanning the areas of mental health, creativity, self-reflection, social justice, and gift/inspiration.

I work with a wide range of authors – from credentialed experts to emerging illustrators – who bring fresh perspective and broader representation to these categories. My recent and bestselling authors include Nedra Glover Tawwab, Meera Lee Patel, Adam J. Kurtz, Scott Barry Kaufman, Whitney Goodman, Minaa B., Britt Frank, and many others.

To speak to an audience that’s diverse in every way, the books on my list include guided journals like Burn After Writing, Start Where You Are, and Create Your Own Calm as well as more traditional guides like Set Boundaries, Find Peace, Drama Free, and Toxic Positivity – along with card decks and workbooks. Each one is published with hands-on attention with the goal of being both timely and timeless, with a robust launch as well as healthy backlist sales.

From my first acquisition here back in 2004 (The Cloudspotter’s Guide by Gavin Pretor-Pinney—still in print!), I’ve focused on finding fresh new voices and ideas that speak to readers where they are.