Matt Klise, Associate Editor

Penguin: Because Reading Matters

Matt Klise joined Penguin Books in 2015 after working as a bookseller. He is looking for narratives that engage critically with the world and that expand our understanding of our lives and one another, including works of history, science writing that distills complex research down for a general readership, and anything with a philosophical bent.

Similarly, he is looking for memoir and travel writing that can introduce readers to unique lives and cultures, particularly through engagement with the arts, food, the outdoors, or sports; and for business books that teach skills that can be applied to everyday life. He is also the movie and TV tie-in coordinator for Viking and Penguin.

His current and forthcoming titles include Can I Recycle This? by Jennie Romer and illustrated by Christie Young, Super Fly by Jonathan Balcombe, The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb by Ed Slott, and Draft Animals by Phil Gaimon, as well as a forthcoming book on food and climate change from the activist George Monbiot. He has also worked on books including the LA Times Book Award-winning The Hue And Cry at our House by Benjamin Taylor and Matt Haig’s internationally bestselling memoir Reasons to Stay Alive.