Niki Papadopoulos, VP and Editor in Chief

Niki Papadopoulos, Editorial Director

Niki Papadopoulos joined Portfolio in 2011 as a Senior Editor, and is a passionate advocate for business as a tool for empowerment, innovation, and social good. In addition to overseeing general acquisition strategy for the Portfolio imprint, she acquires and edits a wide range of commercial nonfiction for ambitious people, from idea-driven business books to narrative, biography, memoir, investigative journalism, and self-help. In the last decade she has published twelve New York Times bestsellers and seventeen Wall Street Journal bestsellers, including This Is Marketing by Seth Godin; The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday; The Four by Scott Galloway; Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards; Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke; The Death of Money by James Rickards; Hooked by Nir Eyal; and American Kingpin by Nick Bilton. She tweets about grammar, dogs, and what happens to authors who don’t turn their manuscripts in on time at @niki_pop.