Questions and Answers

Q: I want to buy a book. How can I do that?
A: You can purchase books directly from Penguin Publishing Group on
this site. For bulk orders (500 or more?) please contact our special sales department
and ask to become a vendor.

You can also find books at your local bookstore or an online retailer. If you
want to buy a book in translation, check with a foreign language bookstore or
university bookstore.

Q: How do I buy rights?
A: If you’re a publisher, contact Penguin Publishing Group
through our agents.
Generally Penguin would require a monetary offer for rights, including an advance
payment of royalties. In addition, Penguin would want to know:

  • where do you plan to distribute?
  • when will you publish?
  • how long will you keep the book in print?
  • what language(s) will you publish?
  • what other books have you published?

There are also other terms and restrictions.

If you’re an individual, you must have the backing or sponsorship
of a book publishing house or other corporation that can defend copyright, file
tax papers and the like. Have that company contact Penguin. Penguin will not license
rights to a individual acting on his sole behalf.

If you are a translator, the above advice to individuals applies
to you as well. If you already know of a publisher who wants to publish a translation,
then have that publisher contact Penguin Publishing Group. That publisher must negotiate
for rights, sign a contract and fulfill its terms, and make a separate agreement
with you to translate the book.

If you plan to make a translation as part of an academic course, and you need
confirmation that a book has not been previously translated, contact the translation
rights-holder. It may be the publisher, or it may be the agent. See the book description
and rights listing for the title you’re interested to find out which.

You can contact us at our real desks for information not contained on this site.
We can give you rights information for original publications, but not books that
were originally published by another publisher and merely reprinted by us. For
reprinted books, contact the Original Hardcover Publisher. Amazon.com and alibris.com,
aside from being great sites to shop at, are useful for finding out just who was
the original publisher.

tel: 212.366.2786
fax: 212.366.2667
email penguin.subrights@us.penguingroup.com

Again, we also have agents
in many different places. Call them too, if it’s more convenient.

Q: Who controls motion picture/dramatic rights?

A: In nearly all cases with adult books, motion picture/dramatic rights are controlled by the agents; however with Young Readers books, the subsidiary rights department will often control the rights.

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