Tara Gilbride, Vice President and Associate Publisher

Tara Gilbride, Vice President, Director of Marketing & Publicit

Tara Gilbride has over 20 years of experience promoting non-fiction authors and their books. As VP, Publicity Director, Associate Director of Marketing, she is in charge of helping authors find the largest readership possible through customized media and event outreach, creative online marketing campaigns and by generating innovative promotions that ignite preorder campaigns and reinvigorate backlist.

Recent campaigns she has worked on include the bestsellers MEASURE WHAT MATTERS by John Doerr, TOGETHER IS BETTER by Simon Sinek, and OUT OF THE MAZE by Spencer Johnson. Before joining Portfolio she spent over a decade at the Crown Publishing Group, where she oversaw marketing and publicity for Crown Business in addition to working with authors across categories, including bestselling authors T. Boone Pickens, AG Lafley, Meg Whitman, Eric Ries, Chip and Dan Heath, Reid Hoffman, Deepak Chopra, Steve Forbes, Cesar Milan, and David Sanger, and has coordinated marketing and media strategies with such organizations as P&G, LinkedIn, McKinsey, IDEO, Wharton, WIRED, Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine. She lives in CT with her husband and two children.